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Your definitive source for information on the Browning Automatic Rifle

by Lt. James Ballou

Coming Soon: America’s Rock

John Browning’s legendary design made a tremendous impact on the small arms of the 20th Century, and elements of his genius continue to live on in contempory firearms. Currently in development, this new book from Jim Ballou is packed with unique photos, information from manuals, details on rare parts and accessories, and accounts from BAR gunners. When released in mid-2012, America’s Rock will be a must-have volume for any serious student of military firearms.

Kent Lomont Memorial

This author has often been blessed with unique opportunities that have led to some good stories. While having lost the “Love of my life and Faithful Companion”:  my wife, Pat, I have been blessed with new contacts and found “True Love and Respect” among my friends and colleagues.  Though the past two months have been difficult at times, I promise you an upbeat story full of smiles and memories of warm feelings in the darkness of Movie Palaces and in the flicker of early TV Shows. It has been my honor to deal with the Number One BAR Fan, Kent Lomont.

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1st Book: Rock in a Hard Place

In 2000, Jim published his massive study of the Browning Automatic Rifle, Rock in a Hard Place, through Blake Steven’s prestigious Collector Grade Publications. This incredible work is a must-have for BAR and military arms enthusiasts. This first-ever in-depth study of the popular BAR includes clear photos of all U.S.-made military and commercial models, experimental models from Britain and France, plus offshore copies and clones from Belgium, Poland and Sweden. Features more than 750 illustrations across 500 pages.

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